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  1. fit the new generation of HJC helmets, namely the F70, i90, and the RPHA 70 Carbon, RPHA
  2. the RPHA 11 Carbon and the RPHA 70 Carbon.
  3. For this test, weve used our data from the HJC RPHA 90, HJC F70, HJC i90, HJC RPHA
  4. These are the same materials that are also used across HJCs RPHA and RPHA Carbon line.
  5. This helmet is HJCs budget friendly version of their premium RPHA 90 and RPHA 90s modular
  6. into the latest HJC 2020 helmet lines, including the RPHA Carbons, I90, and F70. So, well
  7. of about 500 Euros or 600 USD, the Star will be competing with the AGV K6, HJC RPHA 70
  8. HJC RPHA 70 Carbon coming in with an excellent result of no difference to the outside the
  9. beat the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon nor the Shoei GT Air 2 for noise isolation since both helmets
  10. competition against the Shoei GT Air 2, AGV K6, and the HJC RPHA 70 Carbon since these
  11. So, weve decided to test out the Shark Spartan GT Carbon, the HJC RPHA 70, the Arai
  12. Next on our test is the HJC RPHA 70.
  13. The visor of the RPHA 70 is pinlock prepared with the insert included in the box.
  14. The liner of the RPHA 70 is removable, anti-bacterial, washable, and it has extra pads in the ear
  15. Like the HJC RPHA 11, this helmet also comes with a variety of Marvel graphics, which while
  16. Overall, the RPHA 70 scores very well.
  17. For material, the RPHA 70 has 3 shell sizes and a PIM shell, so thats 4.5 stars.
  18. Lastly, for comfort, the RPHA 70 gets another 4 stars.
  19. RPHA 70 and shows another strong contender.
  20. The quietest sport-touring helmet slot here is actually a tie between the HJC RPHA 70