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  1. The inside of Ruvie's home seemed very different to Denzel's, it felt very cozy. The wallpaper
  2. Denzel took a seat on the sofa and looked at Ruvie. She was struggling to patch up the
  3. Ruvie stopped what she was doing. She sat down on the sofa and held Denzel in her arms.
  4. the situation. Their families were taking refuge in Junon or Costa Del Sol. Ruvie remained
  5. Ruvie nodded silently. As Denzel opened the door, she peered inside the empty house.
  6. And so, that was how Denzel came to live with Ruvie.
  7. When Mako Reactor One was destroyed, Ruvie knew that trouble was on its way, so she bought
  8. Ruvie was busy everday. Cleaning the inside of the house, cleaning the outside of the
  9. Ruvie leant Denzel an encyclopaedia of monster, telling him it would be useful. That too belonged
  10. ... if I run into a monster right now, am I really supposed to tell Ruvie? She doesn't
  11. The smile faded from Ruvie's face,
  12. a way to bring it up. As night fell, Ruvie began to clean as if to announce her return
  13. That was the Ruvie he knew.
  14. Denzel thought carefully about what Ruvie said. Finally, he asked the question he had
  15. but Ruvie's embrace would always comfort him. If the end was to come while he slept next
  16. The chosen day, Denzel and Ruvie were in bed, about to fall asleep. Outside, they heard
  17. speeding past the house. Denzel held on tightly to Ruvie, shutting his eyes trying to brave
  18. As Ruvie left the bedroom, the shaking intensified and the flowers on top of the dresser fell
  19. to the floor. Denzel lept out of the bed and went after Ruvie.
  20. moment. Ruvie ran to the window and used both hands to hold it in place.