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  1. In this video, well review how Rapid VM Restore (or RVMR) works,
  2. To review: RVMR allows restoring a virtual machine backup to a running state in a matter
  3. and allows you to migrate the RVMR VM disks to permanent storage later at a more convenient
  4. The RVMR feature must be enabled in Portal and Director, and the VMs themselves must
  5. the RVMR
  6. that must be in place before an RVMR is available
  7. To start an RVMR restore, sign into Portal and click the Computers tab
  8. If youre performing a test RVMR of a functional VM to verify the backup, youll find the
  9. Next, well configure the RVMR
  10. If you keep the original name, the software will automatically append RVMR and a
  11. Under Select Volume, choose one of the available storage devices that RVMR will use
  12. RVMR restores are placed at the root of the selected storage location by default,
  13. Under Destination Host, Select the node where you want RVMR to start
  14. set up the RVMR
  15. This button stays available while the RVMR is running and can be selected at any time
  16. to close the RVMR and perform any necessary cleanup
  17. Once you see this status, your RVMR is fully functional and ready to use
  18. the RVMR setup
  19. RVMR because its working like a normal VM
  20. This spinning icon indicates that this VM is in an RVMR state