How do you pronounce samuca in English (1 out of 13).

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  1. Samuca!
  2. Samuca, Marina was kidnapped.
  3. What's going on Samuca?
  4. Samuca and I still tried to hold her.
  5. What do you want talking about me Samuca?
  6. Fuck no, Samuca!
  7. Samuca, how's that chorus entry going to be?
  8. Do not even talk about falsetto, Samuca.
  9. What's going on Samuca?
  10. What's going on Samuca?
  11. This guy is lying, Samuca. Look at the instruments there!
  12. Leave it Samuca. Let's go. Let's call the police.
  13. Samuca, are you crazy? What if the guy had a gun?