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  1. It fronts onto Sangamore Road, which runs through the community and actually connects
  2. The top elevation is the one facing towards Sangamore Road.
  3. park, south side facing the park, north side facing Sangamore Road, and then you have the
  4. And then it might be somewhat visible from the Sangamore Road side, however, that's simply
  5. because the garage and the site slopes down significantly from Sangamore Road towards
  6. the north end of the site from Sangamore Road swinging around, two lanes in and two lanes
  7. You have the east elevation, which is the elevation facing Sangamore Road, and then
  8. This is the east elevation facing Sangamore Road.
  9. But what you do see is some trees located towards the Sangamore Road side, as well as
  10. all of the surface parking in front of the buildings between there and Sangamore Street.
  11. MR. HINKLE: There's a pedestrian path coming from Sangamore Road COMMISSIONER TREGONING:
  12. about 550 single family homes to the east side of Sangamore Road and is the largest
  13. by this facility, which would be Sangamore Road and its intersection with MacArthur Boulevard
  14. at the south of the site, Sangamore Road and its intersection with Massachusetts to the
  15. It will be visible from Sangamore Road on the east elevation.
  16. And of course you will see it from Sangamore Road.
  17. troubling concerns that we have is the signalization at Sangamore and Sentinel.
  18. of Sangamore and Sentinel.