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  1. At the end of this section is the famous Scheivlak Corner, the most demanding corner of Zandvoort.
  2. The Scheivlak Corner starts on top of a dune. Its a very fast corner with huge elevation changes.
  3. After the Scheivlak Corner we leave the classic part of the Zandvoort Circuit
  4. I stay here in seventh gear, because I find Scheivlak easier in sixth
  5. For Scheivlak brake, switch back and steer slightly after the yellow Pirelli sign on the left.
  6. Now comes the most famous corner... Scheivlak!
  7. people from now on. Now we enter the Scheivlak Corner. The most demanding corner of Zandvoort. Fortunately
  8. There was a very fast double right-hander which remind to the Scheivlak Corner
  9. The second corner was longer and looked similar to the Scheivlak Corner at Zandvoort, but
  10. even faster! Like the Scheivlak this corner started on the top of a hillock and descended first.