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  1. Thank you for taking part in this digital encounter organised by Seipasa, in which we are going to focus on the challenges of transformation in agriculture
  2. and we are going to do so with Seipasa's Natural Technology model.
  3. Seipasa is a company that, 22 years ago, had the foresight to anticipate changes in the agricultural industry to design effective, sustainable, cost-effective solutions.
  4. Juan Manuel Lpez, Seipasa's Marketing Manager, is also with us, good afternoon
  5. Jos ngel Talavera, Seipasa's Sales Manager has also joined us, good afternoon.
  6. I am going to ask Juan Manuel Lpez, Seipasa's Marketing Manager, for his first impressions.
  7. Let me ask Jos ngel Talavera, Seipasa's Sales Director.
  8. What has this meant? That leading companies such as Seipasa can implement there all that technology,
  9. Jos ngel Talavera, Seipasa's Sales Manager, in one of the cases we have heard about the experience of berry production in Morocco.
  10. MARCO TOAPANTA Seipasa-USA Technical Manager
  11. We are talking about active substances that are in nature, that Seipasa applies its competitive edge to, which is its knowledge and experience.
  12. We are going to venture into the centre, to the heart of Seipasa to find out the key features of this natural technology model
  13. FRANCISCO ESPINOSA Seipasa R+D+I Manager
  14. At this point we welcome Francisco Espinosa, R+D+I Manager at Seipasa,
  15. The first question I would like to ask is: what are the key features of the scaffolding that Seipasa has built
  16. the vision that Seipasa had 22 years ago to devote its work to rational, residue-free agriculture.
  17. The third aspect is investing in registration, Seipasa has 46 products registered in 14 different countries
  18. And what about the end consumers of fruit, vegetable or cereals in the market, how do they benefit from the natural technology model spearheaded by Seipasa?
  19. Well, at this point in the programme we want to tell you all about Seipasa's microbiology department.
  20. Please stay with us to the end so that the Seipasa team in full can help us to answer some of the issues we have touched on during this digital encounter.