How do you pronounce sekris in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Sekris, Baron of Shanks And the Wraps of Sekris reads,
  2. For example, the items are quotes from a character named Sekris, Baron of Shanks.
  3. Sekris is a very Fallen type name and Baron is also a title within the Fallen Hierarchy,
  4. The Boots of Sekris reads, The fiercest Light emerged from the tangle
  5. Sekris, Baron of Shanks Web grenades are a fallen weapon and amethyst
  6. The Mask of Sekris reads, Five Lights.
  7. I loosed web grenades and fled.Sekris, Baron of Shanks
  8. The Robes of Sekris reads, There was a sixth Light.
  9. Shook himself off.Sekris, Baron of Shanks This Fallen Baron tried killing this sixth
  10. are about a Fallen Baron name Sekris, Baron of Shanks.
  11. Sekris, Baron of Shanks This item heavily implies that this Fallen