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  1. And on the left, we see his confidant for many years and right hand man, Martin Selmayr
  2. That Selmayr, is also called the monster of Berlaymont.
  3. Here we can see Selmayr in front of that building.
  4. Whoever wanted to see Juncker had to get past Selmayr first.
  5. For many years Martin Selmayr was the right hand of the president of the European Commission, Juncker.
  6. Selmayr has been promoted to the highest position for civil servants within the European Commission.
  7. Selmayr applied for the post of Deputy Secretary General late January.
  8. In the end it turned out that apart from Selmayr, there was indeed one other candidate.
  9. Position: a close colleague of Martin Selmayr.
  10. By now Selmayr is Deputy Secretary General.
  11. And that is what Selmayr did.
  12. In the middle of a series of appointments, Selmayr became Deputy Secretary General.
  13. This cleared the path for Selmayr. Two promotions within a few minutes: a world record.
  14. According to the French newspaper Libration, Selmayr paid them back in return.
  15. So, my name is Martin Selmayr.