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  1. Shahuji, he was sidelined after arrival of Shahuji in 1707.
  2. After Aurangzeb's death in 1707, Shahuji, son of Sambhaji, was released by Bahadur Shah
  3. to ensure that Shahuji adhered to the release conditions. Upon release,Shahu immediately
  4. managed to negotiate a substantial treaty. Shahuji would have to accept Mughal rule in
  5. and the now six provinces of the Mughal Deccan. This treaty also released Yesubai, Shahuji's
  6. Baji Rao's son, Balaji Bajirao, was appointed as a Peshwa by Shahuji. The period between
  7. 1741 and 1745 was one of comparative calm in the Deccan. Shahuji died in 1749 bequething
  8. Shahuji. When Chhatrapati Rajaram fled to Jinji in
  9. Venkoji Shahuji I