How do you pronounce shamaresh in English (1 out of 31).

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  1. Shamaresh? What has happened, Shamaresh?
  2. Shamaresh, when did you come back?
  3. You must be tired. But I can't do without Shamaresh Mukherjee.
  4. Listen, take your camera and wait for Shamaresh at..
  5. Wait till Shamaresh comes.
  6. Shamaresh, take the receipt please.
  7. Shamaresh, it's done.
  8. Shamaresh?
  9. What is it Shamaresh?
  10. Hey, it's 10:30 already, when will Shamaresh come back?
  11. Don't worry, Shamaresh is very serious, he will just be here!
  12. Shamaresh brother, go sit at your desk.
  13. Dear, make Shamaresh sit. I will come in a while.
  14. Shamaresh, give me the cue.
  15. It's 11:30pm already! Brother Shamaresh, what have you done tell me.
  16. Shamaresh, how are you now?
  17. Shamaresh, our society is very cruel.
  18. Shamaresh, I feel for you.
  19. Shamaresh.
  20. Dr. Dutta, this is Shamaresh Mukherjee speaking. Good morning.