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  1. For the Mistweaver monks, its Sheilun, Staff of Mists a legendary staff wielded by
  2. Kang named it Sheilun, after his son, who had died to the mogu's cruelty years before.
  3. Kang carried Sheilun for years, all throughout the Pandaren Revolution.
  4. On some days, Sheilun was a mere walking stick.
  5. Sheilun was there the day Kang died, as he gave his life to topple the last mogu emperor.
  6. Sheilun was brought back to the monastery in the mountains, serving as a quiet symbol
  7. Xuen would always allow one mistweaver to carry Sheilun into this centennial battle.
  8. Sheilun.
  9. Xuen saw that he was carrying his coronation gift-this staff, Sheilun-but that it had been
  10. He swung Sheilun over and over again, but he struck nothing at all.
  11. A great darkness burst forth from him, and in his rage, Shaohao broke Sheilun over his
  12. With Sheilun in his grasp, Shaohao committed his final breath to protecting his land and
  13. Through Sheilun, his spirit was transformed, surrounding Pandaria as a great mist.
  14. But although Shaohao disappeared that day, Sheilun remained.
  15. Sheilun was found shortly after Shaohao's ascension.
  16. It was not Sheilun that prompted Shaohao to make his sacrifice.
  17. It was not Sheilun that inspired Kang's revolution that freed his people.
  18. It was not Sheilun that kept the Serpent's Spine standing against countless mantid cycles.
  19. Sheilun is the embodiment of that idea and with it, mistweavers monks will carry on the