How do you pronounce shengyuan in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. bring Jin Shengyuan to justice.
  2. Jin Shengyuan, the clerk of Wanping County escaped.
  3. continue the lookout for Jin Shengyuan.
  4. Jin Shengyuan.
  5. and bring Jin Shengyuan to justice.
  6. I've got the criminal, Jin Shengyuan, here.
  7. bring Jin Shengyuan to me.
  8. to bring Jin Shengyuan to him.
  9. Jin Shengyuan,
  10. Jin Shengyuan, here's the person you want to see.
  11. How dare you, Jin Shengyuan.
  12. Jin Shengyuan has donated you some money
  13. Jin Shengyuan, do you acknowledge your crimes?
  14. Jin Shengyuan, what else have you got to say?
  15. Here I sentence Jin Shengyuan...