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How do you pronounce shiyu in English (1 out of 40).

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  1. Shiyu xiaoyu, who had been waiting in dunhuang for six years
  2. Shiyu,
  3. Shiyu.
  4. Take Shiyu back now.
  5. Sir, Shiyu is gonna be ok.
  6. from Shiyu.
  7. To make sure Shiyu to be safe.
  8. It means Shiyu is still alive.
  9. Sir, Shiyu is gonna be ok.
  10. Shiyu
  11. Bad guys took Shiyu away.
  12. we'd find Shiyu.
  13. first, to get Shiyu out of there,
  14. Shiyu
  15. Shiyu passes by, she sees they are over there and misunderstands them
  16. And Dr. Chen Shiyu, assistant examiner.
  17. Shiyu.
  18. I heard from Shiyu
  19. Shiyu said that she doesn't like you.
  20. I grew up with Shiyu since childhood.