How do you pronounce signika in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. artboard. I'm actually going to use Signika and Open Sans, which are both free
  2. With Signika selected, I'm actually going to set the weight to
  3. Signika and I'm going to set it to semi bold. I want to turn the height,
  4. with my text toolso TI'm going to click here and with the Signika
  5. go ahead and save that color here. On this one, I'm going to do Signika.
  6. the album, or excuse me, the title. Let's do Signika, but let's do regular
  7. and on this one I'm going to do Signika, cup but do light. Set the size to 20
  8. and set it to what this is here. That's Signika light and then at
  9. name here for this person. We'll do Signika semi bold. Again, T, and
  10. Signika semi bold and keep it at 15. I don't want it right in the