How do you pronounce silkey in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. Because Silkey wants to add his territory to hers. If we go after him he'll lead us directly to his territory. Then we can also tell her what area can be called hers after we killed him.
  2. Listen, I am not going to be late agian. I am leading our patrol and Silkey will be mad at ME if YOU don't show up at the right moment. SO COME WITH US NOW.
  3. *laughs* Now I get it! Seriously? Is Silkey so helpless that she just sends some pointless mutts after me to slaughter me?
  4. You done with staring into nothing? Hello, earth to Silkey! Yeah, a little reminder that you were trying to KILL YOUR ARCH ENEMY AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR BIG EPIC CLIMAX SHOWDOWN!
  6. *thinking* That was one damn nightmare... But it was just a dream... Silkey would never find Lynn.... Would she?
  7. Oh, young Silkey, you have so much left to learn. This just has to happen, okay? If you keep behaving so doubtful, you'll never be able to continue my work.
  8. Well said, Silkey. Join us and your family will be spared.
  9. Don't worry. Silkey already counted on this.
  10. The Clan was quote-unquote fun while it lasted, but Ive been feeling like I dont belong there since around the time Silkey lost her mind.
  11. Tomorrow. Please, just, come with me for now, okay, its way too late and we all need to rest. Tomorrow Ill speak to Silkey or Rufus or someone with a high rank, and theyll let you go for certain.
  12. Ah, Silkey, welcome. Did you think about your actions like I told you to?
  13. Are you really sure that that is what you want, Silkey?
  14. You know that I am not a fan of using violence, but yesterday my subjects did seem to insist on him being a problem, and I want whats best for them. You have my permission, Silkey. Take the best fighters with you. You shall leave in the afternoon.