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  1. Possessed Anna kills Kate.When Mary and Simirnov arrive, she attacks them too. Simirnov seized
  2. elaborate book on the Queen. Simirnov's son was also killed by the Queen. Since then he
  3. to avoid the Queen curse was written in Simirnov's book. For that a seance session was needed.
  4. this, Anna runs away in fear. Mary now takes Simirnov's book from Sebastian for further
  5. The next day was Wednesday.Mary takes out Simirnov's address from the Internet and goes
  6. missing her mother. Outside Simirnov's house, Anna was waiting in the car, there she suddenly
  7. heard her voice again by the Queen. She runs from there. Inside the Simirnov's house, he
  8. In 1984 three girls died in a similar way. Simirnov's son was also killed by the Queen
  9. one of the mirrors. She starts screaming where Mary and Simirnov cover up the mirror. Later
  10. hand. Simirnov arrives at Anna's house where Anna was attacked again. The queen was using
  11. her ring as a source. Simirnov removes it. He opens the cover on one of the mirrors and
  12. with Mary, they heard the scream of Anna. She was possessed. Simirnov takes photos there
  13. Anna. Now Kate arrives at Anna's house with her cat. Simirnov asks them to do the same
  14. things. Simirnov asks both the girls to offer their favorite things. Anna offers her ring
  15. she could see was her face. Simirnov thinks that the queen is gone. But we will know more
  16. about that a little later. Anna, Katy and Mary thanks Simirnov. As Mary went away to
  17. drop Simirnov off, Kate was relaxed. She thought this whole episode was over. Alas, she was
  18. agrees as there was no other option. Simirnov injects the injection, anna loses her courage,
  19. deal with the Queen. She asks her to possess instead of Anna. Here Simirnov stops her and
  20. coming out. Now the queen was possessing Simirnov who shouts at Mary to take Anna away from