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  1. Do you feel that you won't be able to help with the reconstruction of Sindhuli or are you confident that Sindhuli's reconstruction will finish within two years?
  2. Since this project is located in Sindhuli, if the people of Sindhuli build earthquake resistant houses on time, the aims of this project will be fulfilled.
  3. Premkumari got the inspiration to build a house in Sindhuli from the SSRP program assisting in reconstruction in Sindhuli
  4. Today, we will be focusing on reconstruction of Sindhuli distrcit's Kamalamai Municipality.
  5. This is Narayan Kumar Karki who we met at Rammaadi, Sindhuli.
  6. A lot of beneficiaries in Sindhuli are beneficiaries who shouldnt have been on the list,
  7. and the statistics for reconstruction is at its bare minimum in Sindhuli.
  8. While discussing the reconstruction of Sindhuli, we will be talking about
  9. Now let's listen to what the house-owners, masons, locals, local representatives of Sindhuli's Marin Rural
  10. Municipality have to say about the challenges in Sindhuli's reconstruction.
  11. There are various challenges in Marin's reconstruction just like in other local levels of Sindhuli.
  12. representatives of Sindhuli, that either the engineers shouldn't have let the agreement be signed. If the
  13. In the context of Sindhuli's Marin Rural Municipality, we have more construction materials as compared to other
  14. It can be seen in plenty of places of Sindhuli that a lot of people haven't recieved the installments when they should
  15. We'll be back next week with more references to Sindhuli's reconstruction.
  16. We have been presenting the stories of reconstruction after the earthquake, focused especially on Sindhuli.
  17. First story is of Sindhuli, Kamalamai Municipality, Ward No. 10, Majhi's Pramila Majhi
  18. Pramila, born and raised in Janakpur, came to Sindhuli's Majhi community 5 years ago after getting married.
  19. I used to cook and go to the training as my mother-in-law had to go to Sindhuli for map pass, and my relatives
  20. You are watching Surakshit Gharbaas and we are presenting the story of two masons' success in Sindhuli.