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How do you pronounce skillpa in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. John Skillpa, talk of the town.
  2. We're here to see Mr. Skillpa.
  3. Such a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Skillpa.
  4. You don't mind if I have a moment alone with Mrs. Skillpa.
  5. I guess this must all be just a tad overwhelming, Mrs. Skillpa.
  6. Mrs. Skillpa, this photo
  7. Mrs. Skillpa, how are you feeling?
  8. Mrs. Skillpa, I'm sure you know all about Fanny's work at the shelter
  9. We ladies have to stick together, Mrs. Skillpa.
  10. John Skillpa, meet Conner Black.
  11. Emma Skillpa.
  12. Mrs. Skillpa. My favorite Peacock.
  13. Emma? Emma Skillpa?
  14. John, Skillpa, you're late.
  15. and honor Mrs. Skillpa.
  16. I'd also like to thank Emma Skillpa.