How do you pronounce skinnymarinka in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. Skinnymarinka dinka boom.
  2. Skinnymarinka doo means I love you.
  3. >> Skinnymarinka dinka boom.
  4. Skinnymarinka doo means Elmo will be true.
  5. Skinnymarinka doo.
  6. Let us keep Skinnymarinka dinking?
  7. >> [SOUND] Skinnymarinka dinka clop.
  8. Skinnymarinka moo I love you.
  9. Skinnymarinka dinka clop.
  10. Skinnymarinka moo means I'll be true.
  11. Skinnymarinka moo.
  12. >> Skinnymarinka dinka dink meow.
  13. Skinnymarinka mew means I love you.
  14. >> Skinnymarinka dinka clop.
  15. Skinnymarinka dink meow.