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  1. Aegis of Aggramar, reward by Odyn after completing his trials and competing with God king Skovald.
  2. Our first lead to trouble at Karazhan comes from god king Skovald.
  3. Our scouts send troubling reports that Skovald has received a new directive from Goldan
  4. The Burning Legion has a powerful ally in the vrkul God-King Skovald.
  5. God-King skovald so we go about obtaining the Crown of the Fotten King, The Stormcloak
  6. She has seen the clans abandon their traditions in favor of following god-king skovald, a
  7. God king Skovald doesnt care about the ancient rites and he will do everything in
  8. Again Skovald stands in our way as he blows up the bridge, but not too worry our trusty
  9. The felskorn allied with skovald has taken its toll on the thorignir, but perhaps we
  10. we seek but the Vrykul in the area have allied themselves with Skovald and they seek to sillence
  11. Skovald has many allies, but nothing will stand in our way of obtaining the aegys and
  12. but god king skovald and the legion are still trying to stop us.
  13. legion forces, bring down their gateways and even kick the crap out of god-king skovald.
  14. Aegys but god-king skovald shows up to contest our claim:
  15. I am god-king skovald.
  16. With the use of the aegis itself, were able to defeat Skovald and just for fun, Odyn
  17. Before god-king Skovald shattered their alliance, the Drekirjar and the Thorignir respected