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How do you pronounce smails in English (1 out of 17).

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  1. (Judge Smails) 'Czervik Construction Company?'
  2. 'And anyone who's interested should go see Judge Smails.'
  3. Okay, Judge Smails, Smails the Third
  4. Yeah. I'll take Smails if nobody wants him.
  5. Judge Smails, sir, can I talk to you?
  6. Hey, Smails.
  7. You're looking lovely this evening, Mrs. Smails.
  8. Judge Smails invited me at the club.
  9. Hey, Smails. My dinghy is bigger than your whole boat!
  10. - Judge Smails, sir? - Sit down, Danny.
  11. I gotta play with Smails tomorrow.
  12. - Smails? - In a money match. No!
  13. The thing to do with Smails is
  14. What you gotta do with Smails is
  15. Say, fifty bucks the Smails kid picks his nose.
  16. Ty. I saw Smails before. He was cheating.
  17. Alright, Smails, that's 80 grand. Now fork it over.