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  1. During the siege 18 June - 27 August 1992, 50 Serbs were killed in Smolua and 149 Serbs were killed around Smolua.
  2. This is what is left of our Smolua. Here are the tombs of our ancestors, the only thing left of Smolua is that cementary.
  3. In June 1992 during the attack of muslim units, Serb population from Potpe, Tinja, Jasenica, Srebrenik, Gornji Lukavac has been in exile in Smolua.
  4. During the siege period Smolua had no water, electricity, medicaments, and the opposing forces banned The International Red Cross from accessing and delivering medicaments, and evacuating the children and the sick.
  5. In this documentary about Smolua golgotha and about liberating 8 000 people will speak:
  6. Budimir Gavri, retired VRS general, commander of Smolua operation
  7. Vlado Todorovi, commander of Smolua defence
  8. Saa Cvjetinovi, pre-war resident of Smolua
  9. 3 000 people came from Potpe and Tinja to Smolua.
  10. I came to my Smolua. We organized the defence here.
  11. Shelling of civilians in Smolua was happening every day.
  12. People of Smolua welcomed us with things they had.
  13. That's why in that period in Smolua three people committed suicide and two people killed their family member.
  14. When we came to Smolua there was one muslim village.
  15. Some of them desperately cried when we were leaving Smolua, because they didn't know what to expect from their muslim army.
  16. President of Republika Srpska gave the order to breakthrough the siege of Smolua.
  17. Battle for Smolua, in my opinion, is one of the greatest VRS battles from 1992-1995.
  18. battle for Smolua sure is the second most important.
  19. It was because of what they have seen in the media about Smolua, and because of Serbian Patriarch Pavle's appeal to help
  20. We completed each other, we had only one goal, to come to Smolua.