How do you pronounce soyongdori in English (1 out of 25).

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  1. Soyongdori, the Vanguard, he pick Devil Jin.
  2. -Anyway, Soyongdori's Devil Jin
  3. -Soyongdori escaped Ira.
  4. I think Soyongdori is nervous.
  5. Soyongdori should have blocked that. -Right.
  6. Soyongdori should have blocked that.
  7. Sunchip and Soyongdori.
  8. This match is important to Soyongdori.
  9. -Sunchip's pattern vs Soyongdori's knowhow
  10. Soyongdori is nervous.
  11. -Soyongdori, Be bold.
  12. Soyongdori is in Rage.
  13. -Soyongdori won.
  14. Soyongdori is dissapointed.
  15. When I met Soyongdori,
  16. Soyongdori said he is emotional,
  17. -I'm impressed of Soyongdori's interview.
  18. 1st player is Soyongdori, Devil Jin player.
  19. -Soyongdori vs Watergold.
  20. Soyongdori needs Counter.