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  1. Tune in to Spacevidcast to watch this launch live!
  2. If you have a Roku box make sure you install the Spacevidcast channel.
  3. To get there just open up the Spacevidcast channel, click on Live Feeds then click on Curiosity Cam.
  4. Tune in to Spacevidcast's live show this Friday at 0200 UTC where we will be giving away a FREE Roku HD unit.
  5. We sure do like pretty pictures here at Spacevidcast.
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  7. SpaceVidcast Music
  8. Welcome to SpaceVidcast Episode 2.21 for July 10, 2009. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham
  9. We are the SpaceVidcasters. A bunch of really cool new things happening on SpaceVidcast.
  10. (Ben) And to do that I want to try to bring this, bring SpaceVidcast bring space travel and
  11. look forward to the community, by making SpaceVidcast and everything we do
  12. can see SpaceVidcast automatically translated, poorly by the way, very very poorly.
  13. or to Mars. Now having said that, there are comments in the SpaceVidcast chatroom about the,
  14. Spacevidcast Theme Music
  15. (Ben) Thank you to everyone who helped make SpaceVidcast the number one featured
  16. We'll have it in high definition right here. (Cariann) We'll be here. (Ben) On
  17. we've got the Apollo 40th going on. We'll have the stuff going on here on SpaceVidcast.