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  1. There's a splitjoin where you have explicit parallelism in
  2. OK what about a splitjoin?
  3. So a splitjoin has an add statement as well.
  4. to right across the splitjoin.
  5. BandPassFilters to this splitjoin.
  6. So we actually embedded this splitjoin inside a higher
  7. splitjoin contruct.
  8. So OK, what do we having in the splitjoin constructs?
  9. So it turns out you can represent this as a splitjoin.
  10. Right, and we want to go into a splitjoin.
  11. matrix into this splitjoin.
  12. splitjoin since we have N columns of the matrix.
  13. columns of the splitjoin.
  14. the splitjoin.
  15. OK, it turns out you can write this as a splitjoin.
  16. example of a splitjoin.
  17. branch in your splitjoin.