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How do you pronounce spoke in English (1 out of 2697).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of spoke

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of spoke:

Derived Form of spoke

plural: spokes
root word: speak
third person: speaks
past: spoke
past participle: spoken
present participle: speaking
support consisting of a radial member of a wheel joining the hub to the rim
Synonymswheel spoke, radius,
Holonymsbicycle wheel, cartwheel, wagon wheel,
Type ofsupport,
Part ofbicycle wheel, cartwheel, wagon wheel,
one of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder
Synonymsrundle, rung,
Type ofcrosspiece,
Part ofladder,
Verb: speak
express in speech
  1. She talks a lot of nonsense
  2. This depressed patient does not verbalize
Synonymstalk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise,
Hyponymsbabble, bark, bay, begin, blubber, blurt out, bumble, cackle, chatter, deliver, drone, enthuse, generalize, gulp, hiss, lip off, mumble, murmur, open up, peep, rant, rasp, read, shout, sing, slur, snap, snivel, speak in tongues, speak up, swallow, talk of, tone, troll, verbalize, vocalize, whiff, whisper, yack,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesbabbled, barked, bayed, began, blabbed, blabbered, blubbered, blubbered out, blundered, blundered out, blurted, blurted out, bumbled, cackled, chanted, chattered, clacked, delivered, droned, droned on, ejaculated, enthused, faltered, gabbled, generalised, generalized, gibbered, gulped, hissed, inflected, intoned, jabbered, jawed, lipped off, maundered, modulated, mouthed off, mumbled, murmured, mussitated, muttered, opened up, palavered, peeped, phonated, piffled, prated, prattled, presented, rabbited on, ranted, rasped, rattled on, raved, read, sang, shot one's mouth off, shouted, sibilated, sissed, sizzed, slurred, snapped, snarled, sniveled, spoke in tongues, spoke up, spouted, stammered, stuttered, swallowed, talked about, talked of, tattled, tittle-tattled, toned, trolled, twaddled, verbalised, verbalized, vocalised, vocalized, whiffed, whined, whispered, yacked, yacked away, yapped away,
See alsospeak up, speaker, speaking, speech,
exchange thoughts; talk with
  1. We often talk business
  2. Actions talk louder than words
Synonymstalk, speak,
Hyponymschat up, cheek, continue, converse, dish the dirt, dogmatize, hold forth, level, monologuize, orate, pontificate, rap, spiel, talk down, talk turkey,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesbutterflied, carried on, chatted up, cheeked, continued, conversed, coquetted, dallied, discoursed, dished the dirt, dissertated, dogmatised, dogmatized, flirted, gossiped, leveled, mashed, monologuised, monologuized, orated, philandered, pontificated, proceeded, rapped, romanced, soliloquised, soliloquized, spieled, talked down, talked turkey, went on,
See alsospeak for, speech,
use language
  1. the baby talks already
  2. the prisoner won't speak
  3. they speak a strange dialect
Synonymsspeak, talk,
Hyponymsrun on, slang, smatter,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesran on, slanged, smattered,
See alsospeaking, speech,
give a speech to
  1. The chairman addressed the board of trustees
Synonymsaddress, speak,
Hyponymsblaze away, harangue, keynote, memorialize,
Typesblazed away, harangued, keynoted, memorialised, memorialized,
See alsospeaking, speech,
make a characteristic or natural sound
  1. The drums spoke
Type ofsounded,

spoke on Youtube

  1. They spoke beautifully, they spoke wonderfully, they spoke excellently.
  2. relates to what you spoke to spoke about
  3. that yes somebody spoke just to a spoke then about oh it was Lilia are you in to milem
  4. Spoke with Taika, spoke with Kevin, and all of us agreed if we're going to make a third 'Thor,'
  5. Ofcoursemore than Rajamoulis filmseven when I spoke about him in Ramuism..i spoke about Bhaahubali without even watching it
  6. yes sir when dr. Peale spoke you didn't move and he spoke you were hanging on
  7. we spoke to this week, after a Kilmore woman scored $10 million in Tuesday's Oz Lotto draw. When we spoke to the winner,
  8. Ephialtes spoke bitterly against that and spoke in terms
  9. I spoke about dresses and about my Non-Profit Organization and Sister Nektaria spoke about orphans
  10. who spoke Celtic, and by Romanized Celts who spoke a form of Latin.
  11. the time we spoke with them - about - since the first time we spoke with Cigno Verde
  13. And I spoke to other experts,
  14. This is so cute, and then we spoke...
  15. But the music spoke for itself.
  16. I never spoke to the Attorney General about using my hotel.
  17. who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
  18. that spoke to me. - So good!
  19. This is the teapot that I spoke of. I think it's only fair to make these two together as a set. (move over come back. Come closer)
  20. In the Blu-Ray special feature Pennywise Lives!, Skarsgard spoke about the physical