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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of spoken language

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of spoken language:
/spowkən læŋɡwəd͡ʒ/

Derived Form of spoken

root word: speak
third person: speaks
past: spoke
past participle: spoken
present participle: speaking
comparitive: more spoken
superlative: most spoken
Verb: speak
express in speech
  1. She talks a lot of nonsense
  2. This depressed patient does not verbalize
Synonymstalk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise,
Hyponymsbabble, bark, bay, begin, blubber, blurt out, bumble, cackle, chatter, deliver, drone, enthuse, generalize, gulp, hiss, lip off, mumble, murmur, open up, peep, rant, rasp, read, shout, sing, slur, snap, snivel, speak in tongues, speak up, swallow, talk of, tone, troll, verbalize, vocalize, whiff, whisper, yack,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesbabbled, barked, bayed, begun, blabbed, blabbered, blubbered, blubbered out, blundered, blundered out, blurted, blurted out, bumbled, cackled, chanted, chattered, clacked, delivered, droned, droned on, ejaculated, enthused, faltered, gabbled, generalised, generalized, gibbered, gulped, hissed, inflected, intoned, jabbered, jawed, lipped off, maundered, modulated, mouthed off, mumbled, murmured, mussitated, muttered, opened up, palavered, peeped, phonated, piffled, prated, prattled, presented, rabbited on, ranted, rasped, rattled on, raved, read, shot one's mouth off, shouted, sibilated, sissed, sizzed, slurred, snapped, snarled, sniveled, spoken in tongues, spoken up, spouted, stammered, stuttered, sung, swallowed, talked about, talked of, tattled, tittle-tattled, toned, trolled, twaddled, verbalised, verbalized, vocalised, vocalized, whiffed, whined, whispered, yacked, yacked away, yapped away,
See alsospeak up, speaker, speaking, speech,
exchange thoughts; talk with
  1. We often talk business
  2. Actions talk louder than words
Synonymstalk, speak,
Hyponymschat up, cheek, continue, converse, dish the dirt, dogmatize, hold forth, level, monologuize, orate, pontificate, rap, spiel, talk down, talk turkey,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesbutterflied, carried on, chatted up, cheeked, continued, conversed, coquetted, dallied, discoursed, dished the dirt, dissertated, dogmatised, dogmatized, flirted, gone on, gossiped, leveled, mashed, monologuised, monologuized, orated, philandered, pontificated, proceeded, rapped, romanced, soliloquised, soliloquized, spieled, talked down, talked turkey,
See alsospeak for, speech,
use language
  1. the baby talks already
  2. the prisoner won't speak
  3. they speak a strange dialect
Synonymsspeak, talk,
Hyponymsrun on, slang, smatter,
Type ofcommunicated, intercommunicated,
Typesrun on, slanged, smattered,
See alsospeaking, speech,
give a speech to
  1. The chairman addressed the board of trustees
Synonymsaddress, speak,
Hyponymsblaze away, harangue, keynote, memorialize,
Typesblazed away, harangued, keynoted, memorialised, memorialized,
See alsospeaking, speech,
make a characteristic or natural sound
  1. The drums spoke
Type ofsounded,
uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination
  1. a spoken message
  2. the spoken language
  3. a soft-spoken person
  4. sharp-spoken
Similararticulate, expressed, oral, unwritten, uttered, verbal, verbalised, verbalized, viva-voce, word-of-mouth,
using the voice in speech

Derived Form of language

plural: languages
a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols
  1. he taught foreign languages
  2. the language introduced is standard throughout the text
  3. the speed with which a program can be executed depends on the language in which it is written
Synonymslinguistic communication,
Hyponymsartificial language, barrage, dead language, indigenous language, lingua franca, metalanguage, native language, natural language, object language, sign language, slanguage, source language, string of words, superstrate, usage, words,
Type ofcommunication,
Typesartificial language, barrage, dead language, interlanguage, koine, lingua franca, linguistic string, metalanguage, native language, natural language, object language, onslaught, outpouring, sign language, signing, slanguage, source language, string of words, target language, tongue, word string, words,
See alsoaudio-lingual, cross-linguistic, extralinguistic, intralinguistic, lingual, nonlinguistic,
(language) communication by word of mouth
  1. his speech was garbled
  2. he uttered harsh language
  3. he recorded the spoken language of the streets
Synonymsspeech, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, voice communication, oral communication,
Hyponymsconversation, dictation, discussion, idiolect, monologue, non-standard speech, pronunciation, saying, soliloquy, spell, words,
Hypernymsauditory communication,
Type ofauditory communication,
Typescharm, conversation, dictation, discussion, expression, give-and-take, idiolect, locution, magic spell, monologue, non-standard speech, orthoepy, pronunciation, saying, soliloquy, spell, word, words,
the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number
  1. his compositions always started with the lyrics
  2. he wrote both words and music
  3. the song uses colloquial language
Synonymslyric, words,
Hyponymslove lyric,
Type oftext, textual matter,
Typeslove lyric,
Part ofsong,
the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication
  1. he didn't have the language to express his feelings
Synonymslinguistic process,
Hypernymshigher cognitive process,
Type ofhigher cognitive process,
the mental faculty or power of vocal communication
  1. language sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals
Meronymslexis, vocabulary,
Partslexicon, lexis, mental lexicon, vocabulary,
Type offaculty, mental faculty, module,
a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline
  1. legal terminology
  2. biological nomenclature
  3. the language of sociology
Synonymsterminology, nomenclature,
Hyponymsmarkup language, toponymy,
a system of words used in a particular discipline
Synonymsnomenclature, terminology,
Type ofword,
Typesmarkup language, toponomy, toponymy,

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  6. Afrikaans underwent some spelling simplifications to make the written language more reflective of the spoken language.
  7. This resulted in a state of diglossia, with the spoken language and formal written language being significantly different.
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  9. the spoken language and he decided to call that language Portugus.
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  13. Portuguese which is the 6th most spoken language in the world even though its origin country,
  14. mysterious, obscure, an expression that's not quite written or spoken language, and so always difficult to decipher.
  15. spoken language of the Roman Empire was vulgar latin which doesn't have as many
  16. Italian is the lingua franca of the Vatican and it's the most commonly spoken language in the Vatican.
  17. Even though Hindi and Urdu are refered to by different names, the spoken language is essentially the same,
  18. Even though Quechua began to been written after the Spanish conquest is still mainly is spoken language
  19. During this period, the spoken language based on Koine Greek began to develop towards Modern Greek.
  20. Note that this kind of slang originates in the spoken language so the spelling of the slang word comes from its sound rather than vice-versa