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  1. It is 2-0 for the StreetCaptains. The StreetCaptains of the previous
  2. Boys, fighters, StreetCaptains. Congratulations, you remain the StreetCaptains.
  3. Zakka, the captain of the StreetCaptains. And a shot!
  4. What a goal. 1-0 for the StreetCaptains. With his outside left.
  5. One free kick, from the StreetCaptains.
  6. They can play their attacker and the StreetCaptains can play their defender.
  7. You will get the tapes of the StreetCaptains, because...
  8. the new StreetCaptains.
  9. And these are the StreetCaptains. Bang!
  10. An FC Street League with the StreetCaptains for 18+
  11. These are the StreetCaptains for now.
  12. So do you think you and your team can become the new StreetCaptains?
  13. with the StreetCaptains of today.
  14. The new StreetCaptains. Melle, you guys ready? - Always, always.
  15. These are the current StreetCaptains and they are from Heiloo.
  16. Okay, maybe it's 1-0 for the StreetCaptains very quickly,
  17. Just when they could make it 4-1, the StreetCaptains make it 5-0.
  18. This has never happened before in the StreetCaptains.
  19. You can cash out now, but then you're done and you're no longer StreetCaptains. What do you say?
  20. Then you are no longer StreetCaptains.