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  1. means what I want to say now is this delta Suniverse for a heat engine and its thermal reservoirs, delta Suniverse
  2. s B. Finally, I tell you the delta Suniverse is equal to 0113 kilo Joule per kilogram kelvin.
  3. 0. So delta Suniverse is greater than 0 or it is equal to 0. This takes care of both
  4. delta Suniverse equals to 0. This can be written in a broader sense, delta S algebraic of all
  5. This definition that delta Suniverse that means algebraic sum of the change of entropy
  6. So far, delta Suniverse, now I know what universe is or what it means in thermodynamics, is
  7. cycles, is less than equal to 0. Delta Suniverse is greater than equal to 0 is known as principle
  8. delta Suniverse. Let us find out what is the change of entropy of the universe. Consider
  9. So, with this thing, we can write therefore delta Suniverse is equal to delta SA plus
  10. for a reversible process which means delta Suniverse is greater than equal to 0. That
  11. inequality delta Q divided by T and delta Suniverse.
  12. Therefore delta Suniverse, which we have proved independently, has to be greater than or is
  13. then, let this T1is A and this T2is B, then what is delta Suniverse? How to find out universe?
  14. Suniverse so universe comprises the system A and system B, delta SA plus delta SB.
  15. let this body T2 is B then, delta Suniverse is equal to delta SA plus delta SB.
  16. means delta Suniverse, let this T1 is A, so delta SA plus delta Sheat engine plus delta
  17. T2 and if delta Suniverse is a reversible engine, it is 0, otherwise, it is very difficult
  18. So this is an irreversible. So in that case, I can put delta Suniverse 0 and I get this
  19. Now, if we consider the problem like this then we have to find out delta Suniverse.
  20. What we know is that delta Suniverse, first part of the problem that is a and b. We have