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  1. key areas of focus for Swisscontact. Swisscontact for a sustainable future
  2. Till date, 320 masons have been produced with the help of Swisscontact
  3. Us, local representative give suggestions to Swisscontact.
  4. Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, Golanjor Rural Municipality for reconstruction via Swisscontact's SSRP project.
  5. This house is being constructed during the 50-day training conducted by USEF Nepal under the financial assistance of Swisscontact's SSRP project.
  6. Sindhuli under Swisscontact
  7. Skills for Safe Reconstruction (SSRP) is a project that has been introduced by Swisscontact to assist with
  8. We have Swisscontact's field office in the district. There is a district coordinator, monitoring and evaluation
  9. It's project under Swisscontact's Skills Development Component
  10. This project has been designed after the Gorkha earthquake and Swisscontact has designed this program
  11. Secondly, Swisscontact has formulated this project focusing on a smaller area
  12. Which means that the rest of the amount is mobilized through INGOs or the country's implementing agencies like, GIZ, JICA, Swisscontact.
  13. Swisscontact in collboration with Manakamana Training and Development Institute and All Three Media Ghar,
  14. Yes. Swisscontact and other NGOs have provided mason training and we qualify anybody who has taken the training as a trained mason.
  15. I want to move on to Ms. Gita Limbu, District Coordinator, Swisscontact, SSRP
  16. We also have the monitoring and evaluation officer of Swisscontact Mr. Sushil Kumar Yadav
  17. We didn't know much, I then took a 50 day training from Swisscontact and a built a house there
  18. We weren't ready to build a house even after the training and then people from swisscontact told us to build a house utilizing old wood and that there's only 2 months
  19. Swisscontact informed us that we don't have much time, we will still get grants if we work now, so the 17 households from this village started laying foundations
  20. Yes, we took their advice before digging the foundation and built it with the help of trained masons as per Swisscontact's advice