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  1. you with the basic operation of the SystemVue C++ Code Generator that is new to the SystemVue
  2. From this link you can learn more about SystemVue product and SystemVue features, as well as
  3. Welcome to the discovering Agilent SystemVue video series. This tutorial will familiarize
  4. 2010 release. This video will highlight features of the W1461 SystemVue communications architect
  5. SystemVue 2010 now supports C++ code generation for creation of floating point C++ models
  6. and compiled Window 32 DLLs from SystemVue schematic models. These schematic models support
  7. are available as standard features within SystemVue. The C++ Code Generator supports
  8. To explore the functionality of the SystemVue C++ Code Generator, we will look at a simple
  9. design of a cascade integer comb, or CIC filter, that weve created in SystemVue. Here you
  10. I also need to select the proper shell type. In this case Im going to select a SystemVue
  11. library within the SystemVue environment.
  12. button. SystemVue will simulate and generate all of the required source code files to the
  13. Based on the directory setting within the C Code Generator UI, SystemVue generated a
  14. represents the shell type that we selected. And within the SystemVue folder you can see
  15. To build the SystemVue dynamically linked library, we simply need to open the Microsoft
  16. Visual Studio solution and within Microsoft Visual Studio we simply select the SystemVue
  17. project, that again was automatically created by the SystemVue Code Generator project, and
  18. Visual Studio is compiling and generating the dynamically linked library from the SystemVue
  19. code, if you own the W1718 product from SystemVue you can actually see the C++ code and modify
  20. to link it to SystemVue by going to the library manager, which is accessible from the tools