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  1. And these are your favorites: flight captain Riccarda Tammerle.
  2. Start of duty for flight captain Riccarda Tammerle
  3. Riccarda Tammerle doesn't want to waste any time.
  4. Riccarda Tammerle and Katja Rossi will sit in the cockpit for two days.
  5. Riccarda Tammerle flew jumbo
  6. Even fewer are captains like Riccarda Tammerle.
  7. Riccarda Tammerle's
  8. Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Riccarda Tammerle.
  9. Riccarda Tammerle
  10. Ricarda Tammerle checks the instruments at the start.
  11. Flight captain Riccarda Tammerle
  12. Riccarda Tammerle got to know
  13. Riccarda Tammerle discovered
  14. Captain Tammerle informs the technicians in Frankfurt.
  15. Riccarda Tammerle is already taking care of the switchers.
  16. Riccarda Tammerle steers to the parking position.
  17. Flying into Frankfurt is always exciting, says Riccarad Tammerle.
  18. Riccarda Tammerle is happy every time she lands in Frankfurt.
  19. My name is Riccarda Tammerle.
  20. to stay fit in the cockpit at night, says Riccarda Tammerle.