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  1. Association, Tarikat, Sohbet, through association, man will find the direction.
  2. This Tarikat continues
  3. this Tarikat is based on association
  4. This Tarikat it is based on Association, and the goodness comes from the Association.
  5. That is, those are the words of the Pir of our Tarikat, Shah-i-Nakshibend.
  6. Why Shah-i-Nakshibendi is saying, Our Tarikat it is based on Association?
  7. This Tarikat it is based on Association
  8. Because Tarikat, Tasawwuf, what the west is calling Sufism
  9. When you open the way of Tasawwuf, of Tarikat,
  10. What is that Sohbet? What is Tarikat?
  11. Tarikat means a Way.
  12. Everyone is declaring not only their own Tarikat
  13. But they are saying this Tarikat that is reaching all the way back 1400 years
  14. Yes, so Tarikat means Way.
  15. So Tarikat is Way.
  16. And the Tarikat it is training
  17. He is not able to experience the full feeling of what Tasawwuf is, Tarikat is.