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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of teddy boy

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of teddy boy:
/tɛdi boj/

Derived Form of teddy

plural: teddies
plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)
Synonymsteddy bear,
Type ofplaything, toy,
a woman's sleeveless undergarment
Synonymschemise, shimmy, shift, slip,
Partsshoulder strap, strap,
Type ofundergarment,

Derived Form of boy

plural: boys
a youthful male person
  1. the baby was a boy
  2. she made the boy brush his teeth every night
  3. most soldiers are only boys in uniform
Synonymsmale child,
Antonymsfemale_child, girl,
Hyponymsaltar boy, ball boy, bat boy, catamite, cub, farm boy, Fauntleroy, plowboy, schoolboy, Scout, shop boy,
Type ofmale, male person,
Typesaltar boy, ball boy, bat boy, boy scout, cub, farm boy, Fauntleroy, lad, laddie, Little Lord Fauntleroy, ploughboy, plowboy, schoolboy, shop boy, sonny, sonny boy,
a friendly informal reference to a grown man
  1. he likes to play golf with the boys
Hyponymsbroth of a boy, one of the boys,
Type ofadult male, man,
Typesbroth of a boy, broth of a man, one of the boys,
a male human offspring
  1. their son became a famous judge
  2. his boy is taller than he is
Antonymsdaughter, girl,
HyponymsJunior, mother's boy,
Hypernymsmale offspring,
Type ofmale offspring, man-child,
TypesEsau, Jnr, Jr, Junior, mama's boy, mamma's boy, mother's boy,
(ethnic slur) offensive and disparaging term for Black man
  1. get out of my way, boy
HypernymsBlack man,
(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black man
Type ofBlack man,

teddy boy on Youtube

  1. Mamoo you came here as a teddy boy flares with moustache
  2. there were a group of girls who were referred to as Teddy Boy girls aka Judys. Oftentimes
  3. Teddy Sage CEO Christia Flores / Christia Vlogs lifts the blinds in the Teddy Sage office!
  4. In 2012, Teddy Ruxpin creator Ken Forsse announced that he hated the way teddy bears were portrayed
  5. But the more shocking reveal was the fact that Teddy Lupin and Tonks his son was actually a Hufflepuff and head boy to boot have
  6. Chuff. Chuff. Oh, look! Theres a teddy bear there! Stop! A teddy bear. A teddy bear.
  7. And I want to see Teddy again. I haven't seen Teddy Teddy's in the main game, so he must be in the prologue I
  8. Number 3: Book - Peeves, Ludo Bagman, Charlie Weasley & Teddy Lupin All Exist Movie: Peeves, Ludo Bagman, Charlie Weasley & Teddy Lupin Don't Appear
  9. A teddy bear. A teddy bear. Chuff. Chuff. Chuff. Chuff. Im in a toy train. Chuff.
  10. Ethna: I like a teddy bear though. Hila has this drawing of a teddy bear that's really dope.
  11. Oh I dropped the teddy bear. I dropped the teddy bear. Go let's go. Let's go, lets gooo
  12. The Teddy ending I'm gonna call it the Slenderina Teddy ending right. Let's do this
  13. Sheringham. Teddy Sheringham. 'The answer, Teddy Sheringham.
  14. This this is how pedobear started like the teddy bear would just sit and watch you it's only a teddy bear, right?
  15. Cause I can't breath! Teddy bear..? Teddy bear! Give me my god damn inhaler!!!
  16. out with the Jankster. He has to hang out with a cop named John Teddy G instead. Teddy
  17. Teddy is in the band SG137IU. Leonard is pretty lukewarm on their new album, so he takes Teddy
  18. Producer Teddy Teddy came to listen to Boms recording
  19. Teddy: Right, you thought it was the old Black Cleaver build. Faker: No no no, there was something more recent. Teddy: Wait, no you thought it was the old Essence Reaver build.
  20. Teddy: I saw one I like. Producer: Oh, please share. Teddy: It asked how I felt when the Zigg's ult blew me up.