How do you pronounce teokpang in English (1 out of 15).

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  1. Hey, TeokPang! Kim TeokPang! He made a mess here! That punk.
  2. This was a gift from TeokPang. HelloTeokPang.
  3. TeokPang, move it, will ya?
  4. TeokPang, go straight in there.
  5. (Lifting her feet for TeokPang)
  6. TeokPang, where are you?
  7. What are you doing, Kim TeokPang?
  8. Kim TeokPang! You bad boy!~~~
  9. Kim TeokPang, that's enough. Get over here. Stop that, you little $h!#
  10. Kim TeokPang! I told you to stop fighting.
  11. You go for a ride on Kim TeokPang. There you go.
  12. Kim TeokPang! (Get off me)
  13. Kim TeokPang!
  14. Hey! Kim TeokPang!
  15. Good job, Kim TeokPang. (Scary eyes)