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  1. Paragon Garen took the Tethras name - thus creating the noble House Tethras.
  2. and conflict. Today's feature is Varric Tethras, popular storyteller and Paragon of manliness.
  3. son of the once-famed Tethras clan, and his true love Bianca - let us peer into the story
  4. of Varric Tethras, a man who loves the sound of his own voice but remains silent of his
  5. Varric Tethras was born approximately the first year of the Dragon Age. He's a rogue,
  6. life of the Champion. Unlike the rest of the Tethras clan, he is a surface dwarf and lived
  7. The origins of Varric's family stem from Paragon Tethras. Previously Paragon Garen's son, in
  8. the Exalted Age Tethras was mistakenly found guilty of murdering his sister, an act actually
  9. performed by the Carta, an infamous Dwarven criminal group. In respect for Tethras's death,
  10. Fast forwarding to the Blessed age, Lord Andvar Tethras, Varric's father, was found guilty
  11. Ancestors. For manipulating these matches, the entire Tethras house was exiled to the
  12. Depending on the actions of Hawke, Bartrand was the head of the Tethras clan on the surface.
  13. After his father's death, Bartrand took the helm to support the great Tethras name. He