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  1. In the previous video we learned from none other than Mike Teunissen
  2. And we learn from Mike Teunissen how to become an unbeatable tandem
  3. You all know Mike Teunissen
  4. Are we talking about the same Mike Teunissen who dropped you in Paris Roubaix?
  5. We have Mike Teunissen and Riccardo van Dongen for Rabobank
  6. Teunissen is now at cruising speed and storming at high speed speed towards the track in Roubaix
  7. Today the man from Rabobank, Mike Teunissen
  8. Guys I like so professional even Mike Teunissen says hi to me.
  9. Because the situation was that Mike [Teunissen] was wearing the yellow jersey.
  10. Mike Teunissen in yellow at the time.
  11. Thank you, Jason Teunissen and Paul Schreur for this suggestion on the the Idea Forum!
  12. My name's Gerrit Teunissen, I'm the branch manager of Southern Queensland Steel
  13. like some Mike Teunissen, these sort of riders
  14. My name is Martin Teunissen. I'm the manager manufacturing at Moba, here in Barneveld.