How do you pronounce tharla in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. MATT: Tharla Starr.
  2. (as Tharla) Oh my god, hi.
  3. MATT: (as Tharla) Oh my god, your city is so cute.
  4. MATT: Oh my god, my name is Tharla Starr.
  5. but for the time being, Tharla's just arrived in Emon,
  6. MATT: Tharla was a bad idea.
  7. ASHLEY: Did you say her name was Tharla or Thyla?
  8. MATT: Tharla.
  9. I wrote that wrong. ROBBIE: Tharla Starr?
  10. AABRIA: Tharla Starr.
  11. MATT: (as Tharla) It writes itself.