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  1. Now, it is the Thermocene, a hothouse world of rising sea levels and increasing volcanic
  2. But the larger serestriders are still with us in the Thermocene, just changed since we
  3. Later in the Thermocene, some Serestriders would specialize further, becoming heavily
  4. Another easily overlooked group from the later Thermocene are the Bumblets, small, quadrupedal
  5. During the Thermocene, the waters largely empty of megafauna due to Cryocene extinctionsnow
  6. fishes, have in the late Thermocene become strange, three-legged organisms called hoppers.
  7. Simply called, Armageddon, the end-Thermocene extinction would obliterate over 99% of all
  8. who outlasted the Thermocene extinction and then rapidly grew to sizes rivaling the largest