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  1. [TheVet] - Yes, we have a crazy cat in here. He should have had his annual vaccinations, but he hadn't for two years due to agressiveness.
  2. [TheVet] - Could you please just not attack me? Should I try my luck without gloves?
  3. [TheVet] - Okay, I'll give you something tasty.
  4. [TheVet] - Look what have I got! Can you look at the beauty of that? A very good meal. Shall I open the box?
  5. [TheVet] - You are not going to hit me, right? Let's sniff a little more ... Well done!
  6. [TheVet] - Hello sir! How are you doing?
  7. [TheVet] - Your scent but .. It's not my scent
  8. [TheVet] - I wanted to use the towel with scent of yours but...
  9. [TheVet] - Wait okay, stop. Calm down, calm down. Serhat, take the towel away please.
  10. [Cotton] - After two years... You got me in a clinic again.. [TheVet] - Calm down, don't hit me in the face.
  11. [Cotton] - Let me go or i will kill you!!! [TheVet] - Okay, calm down! I swear I'm not doing anything.
  12. [TheVet] - Let's cover it again, cover it over his head.
  13. [TheVet] - Menal, Menal! Help me! Come here quickly! This kid is a psychopath!
  14. [TheVet] - Are you ready?
  15. [TheVet] - Could you examine him, Serhat. [Cotton] - Just if i make myself free!
  16. [TheVet] - Let's do it like this, Menal, you go to the other side of the table and i will turn him around.
  17. [TheVet] - Back legs over that way, front legs over here!
  18. [TheVet] - Okay, okay. It's done, that's it. Uncle Serhat will examine you. He is going to be responsible of everything, okay? So you don't get mad at me. Attack him.
  19. [TheVet] - He is doing it! I promise, i do nothing!
  20. [TheVet] - Who are you mad at? [Cotton] - All of you!