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  1. These are Togariishi, Idojiri, and Umenoki.
  2. for a Jomon pit house at Togariishi site, the models which can be seen here on the right.
  3. Here we see Togariishi-Yosukeone.
  4. If anything, what sets Togariishi apart from other Jomon sites is Miyasaka Fusakazu,
  5. The buildings at Togariishi are the most iconic pit houses in Japan, which is why the current
  6. Unlike Togariishi, which embraced input from outside specialists, Idojiri has largely done things on its own.
  7. When we talked, he gave me his opinion of Togariishi.
  8. but the reconstructions [at Togariishi] are absolute nonsense.
  9. What's interesting here is that his rejection of Togariishi has nothing to do with their