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  1. Then i'm going to search where Togmai is. This war mostly takes place in modern-day Tajikistan, so i'm going to search Togmai, Tajikistan.
  2. So, this is where i get my information. I look at this, and it'll say things like that the Basmachi crossed the Pyandz river on 12 April and captured the village of Togmai, and then i put that on here (on Wikipedia).
  3. So, where is the town of Togmai?
  4. So, where o where, oh fallingrain, is Togmai?
  5. Well, we know it's near the Afghan border. Togmay, that sounds kind of like Togmai.
  6. We then add where Togmai is.
  7. So we insert the coordinates, add a marker, and we name it Togmai.