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  1. in a talk called End-to-end typesafe APIs with tRPC.
  2. Then there is one tRPC user,
  3. who has developed the library tRPC,
  4. and how I ended up doing tRPC and who I am,
  5. show some examples that we have on tRPC.
  6. on how I ended up finding tRPC and working a lot with it.
  7. So I'm gonna show you a bit how tRPC looks like
  8. So on the left here, you can see we have a tRPC server.
  9. if we create a tRPC client here, and do the query,
  10. So the tRPC React library is a typesafe wrapper
  11. that you defined in your tRPC server,
  12. but tRPC works with Yup as well.
  13. of how to use tRPC.
  14. So if you want to play around with tRPC,
  15. the best way to start is just to go to tRPC
  16. And the only thing that tRPC sort of exposed to us,
  17. which gives me both Prisma Studio, and tRPC.
  18. In tRPC, you can also get this sort of error formatting,
  19. And in tRPC, there's two different ways of doing that.
  20. And there are some helpers in tRPC where,