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How do you pronounce tsath in English (1 out of 42).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of tsath

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of tsath:

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  1. The people of Kn-yan all dwelt in the great, tall city of Tsath beyond the mountains. Formerly
  2. In the course of time, however, the men of Tsath had conquered and enslaved the rest;
  3. of life extremely easy, a concentration of the people of Tsath took place; so that all
  4. effectiveness, and from the naturally inferior members of the ruling race of Tsath. The ruling
  5. of the men of Tsath. In government, Tsath was a kind of communistic
  6. city enterprise of Tsath, and ingots of magnetic Tulu-metal, the former universal money standardwas
  7. Art and intellect, it appeared, had reached very high levels in Tsath; but had become
  8. Religion was a leading interest in Tsath, though very few actually believed in the supernatural.
  9. Prominent in the contemporary religion of Tsath was a revived and almost genuine veneration
  10. As the spokesman of the Tsath party proceeded with his information, Zamacona felt a growing
  11. do much to relieve the flagging interest of weary Tsath in matters of geography and history.
  12. The only thing which seemed to displease the men of Tsath was the fact that curious and
  13. to the outside world which the men of Tsath could remember.
  14. spokesman of the Tsath party, sat on the occasional low monolithic pillars that lined the temple
  15. Tsath party went back for provisions to the roadway, where they had left the animals on
  16. men of Tsath and brought out the present expedition. But Zamacona was not a coward, hence followed
  17. and most physiologists of Tsath agreed that the present beasts had been very much inclined
  18. beasts of Tsath and fell into place beside the leader of the cavalcadethe man named
  19. of the archaic days when they had been successively conquered by the now dispersed armies of Tsath.
  20. the name of Tsath was suffered to remain. What ended the cult was the partial exploration