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  1. led by former labour leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
  2. In March, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai claimed victory in a presidential vote.
  3. Tsvangirai had no choice but to seek refuge in the Dutch Embassy in Harare, from where
  4. into the cabinet: Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime Minister, although it was clear
  5. Tsvangirai, which returned to the opposition.
  6. From 2008 to 2013, the coalition with Tsvangirai had some positive effects in curbing inflation.
  7. his opponent, MORGAN TSVANGIRAI, become the Prime Minister.
  8. This is why, Tsvangirai has lost a lot of political capital.
  9. Well, Morgan Tsvangirai was a long-time political opponent
  10. Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai the Prime Minister,
  11. Thank you Mr. President. Prime Minister Tsvangirai.
  12. Fast forward to 2010, here we are, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai is now the
  13. is in Prime Minister Tsvangirai, and history-maker that is in Deputy Prime Minister
  14. honorable Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, as well as honorable Deputy Prime Minister
  15. his Excellency finished speaking he wanted to pass the mike to Mr. Tsvangirai
  16. President Obama: I want to welcome Prime Minister Tsvangirai to the Oval Office.
  17. Prime Minister Tsvangirai: Thank you.
  18. regard for, and former Prime Minister of New Zealand. Morgan Tsvangirai, who has probably
  19. Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe:
  20. Tsvangirai: I think the challenge is a leadership challenge. In Africa, I think that for the