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  1. and Tughrl - who were the sons of Israils brother Mikail - and Musa, another relative
  2. Pro-Seljuk texts especially emphasize the role that Tughrl played in restoring order
  3. conquered, Tughrl - who became the prominent Seljuk triumvir at this point - began
  4. It is said that Tughrl even went so far as to threaten suicide if his brother Chaghr
  5. Upon taking his seat on Masuds throne in the city, Tughrl claimed the title of
  6. minted in the name of Tughrl and the Caliph in Baghdad, who was still symbolically revered
  7. Musa was given Herat to govern, while the two leading partners Chaghr and Tughrl
  8. Aside from these strategic settlements, Tughrl made little effort to assert direct rule over
  9. Tughrl.
  10. The vizier and Tughrl planned extensively for Seljuk intervention in the City of
  11. The intended symbolism was clear - Tughrl and the Abbasid caliph were allies, and al-Qaims
  12. Whether or not Tughrl actually intended to do this is irrelevant, it was another piece
  13. Then, finally, Tughrl and his Seljuks peacefully entered Baghdad in December of 1055, during