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  1. Therefore, keeping in view the history, the role of Turgat Alp will soon be included in Kurulus Osman.
  2. close associates Turgat Alp and Malik Shah.
  3. Then there is no possibility of Turgat Alp returning this season
  4. The role of Turgat Alp will definitely be seen in the next season
  5. First clear an idol that Cengiz Cokun certainly played the role of Turgat Alp in Dirilis Ertugrul.
  6. in The Great Seljuk that he will be brought up as Turgat Alp in Kurulus Osman.
  7. But now the actor who is being demanded to return as alkan kzlrmak as Turgat Alp is again from The Great Seljuk.
  8. who played the role of Ali, be brought to Kurulus Osman as Turgat Alp.