How do you pronounce tzain in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. Tzain is the voice of reason, Tzain is calm, Tzain would be an earth sign.
  2. Tzain is kind of like, boop boop boop.
  3. You know, he's Tzain.
  4. than it needed to and how Tzain could have helped but, he was basically non-existent
  5. It made it so EVERYONE was arguing but I feel like Tzain being the brother, the cherished
  6. brother of Zelie and Tzain also being the boyfriend of Amari could have done a lot to
  7. I feel like at some point maybe they would have listened if Tzain had been the one to
  8. But Tzain really was kind of absent for most of this book.
  9. Where is Tzain telling her that that was fucking stupid?
  10. Where is Tzain when Zelie talks over Amari when she actually did have a good idea?
  11. Where is Tzain when Amari is doing all this other dumb shit?
  12. Like where was Tzain when Amari decided to go meet Inan outside of the wall?
  14. I only think that because of a line near the end of the book that Zelie says to Tzain where