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  1. elements for widgets where you may have used widgets before in UiBinder.
  2. apps to speed them up drastically. So UiBinder, for those not familiar, this
  3. >>Adam Schuck: And aside from the performance benefits of using UiBinder, there's also a
  4. really nice code cleanliness quality to using UiBinder.
  5. example. What you're looking at here is an actual UiBinder
  6. And using UiBinder, we can pull all this CSS in place and connect this up to our Java.
  7. once they've been created. UiBinder automates this process.
  8. And UiBinder takes care of the process of obfuscating and name spacing these things
  9. >>Adam Schuck: So UiBinder, very good for both performance and cleanliness of code.
  10. and new bits and pieces. Really four things, you get UiBinder, if you're working in--the
  11. with these things; UiBinder, a way to move a lot of your code into XML which sometimes
  12. things like that. And I'm going to let Ray take it and talk about the UiBinder and ClientBundle.
  13. UiBinder and its best friend ClientBundle. Like Joel said, these are features that are
  14. in GWT 2.0 now, had been for a few months, you can use them today. So UiBinder is a way
  15. docks. It's fun. The way it shows up in UiBinder is with an XML element called UiStyle where
  16. two, but I'm not sure that would be today. Finally, the trick that UiBinder knows is
  17. of making it work yourself. And that's all I had to say about UiBinder and ClientBundle.
  18. in the UiBinder. I mean, I understand that there's a parser that you will have to overwrite
  19. on UiBinder templates? So, I could imagine somebody with HTML, CMSs skills starting off
  20. >> RYAN: You can only use templates in UiBinder. >> WEBBER: That sounds good.